Hacking Android apps for fun and bug bounty

This is a workshop for beginners who have an interest in pen testing mobile apps. Participants will be introduced to the necessary tools for conducting a security assessment of Android apps. They will also learn about websites that pay users for responsibly reporting security vulnerabilities in Android apps. Users should bring a laptop with administrator privileges.

Workshop info

Please bring your laptops to take part in this workshop.

Workshops are attended on a first come, first served basis till capacity is reached.

Capacity: 8


Selina is a dj, web developer, and infosec practitioner that is inspired daily by speculative fiction, music, and her people’s ability to survive and thrive. She has dedicated 15 years to community development work in Washington, DC through media justice organizing and community-led research, as well as radio and event production. Selina has collaborated with a number of social justice and capacity-building organizations like Wellstone Action and the Center for Media Justice. As a Ford-Mozilla Fellow, she supports the ongoing privacy and security work of Consumer Reports, a US based product testing & consumer advocacy org.