Can technology save a world on fire?

Although technology has helped connect people to environmental issues, it is also a huge contributor to these very issues. In a world where the internet outputs the fourth highest CO2 output after America, China and India, is there anything we as technologists can do to ensure the next decade of connected products, web based services and blockchain technologies could help us create sustainable and equitable futures. This panel will take us through the current issues around technology and sustainability whilst providing insights into how product design, development methodologies and new technologies can combine to create an alternative that doesn’t destroy the planet.


Although a self-confessed geek, Lola spends most of her time putting people ahead of technology. With a wealth of experience as a UX specialist both in-house and agency, she ensures user-centred research and design are at the centre of all her work.

Lola operates at a strategic level, helping organisations to see the bigger picture and mitigate their “me too” tendencies. She helps define meaningful, impactful and tangible product visions which they can actually execute. As an advocate for digital transformation, she has spoken broadly on how to create resilient environments for incubating design and agile delivery practices.

Alongside supporting organisations to digital transformation, Lola is exploring the emergent practices of design and research around decentralised technologies.