Practical self care & community care: How to recover from burnout and get our energy back ✊🏿

Caring for one and all: a toolkit to help yourself and others recover from burnout or overwhelm

  • Slow down, get support, and re-evaluate goals and priorities to replenish your energy
  • Learn & practise Liberating Structures to work through ways of recovering from burnout
  • Create & take away a collection of resources we collate together

Workshop info

Laptops are not needed to take part in this workshop.

Workshops are attended on a first come, first served basis till capacity is reached.

Capacity: 15


LiLi Kathleen practises creating environments that help people thrive, as a Scrum Master at digital agency Novoda. Their day job includes looking out for people and team health, and they’re keen to share techniques and create a space for people to learn from each other.

As one of the organisers of the Liberating Structures London user group, Kathleen regularly designs and delivers workshops to include & engage everyone. Kathleen enjoys using these tools to improve relationships at work and in their personal life, for example, strengthening friendships & solo journalling.

LiLi is writing two books: a secular companion to The Artist’s Way, and a recipe book for people living with fatigue. They love learning about plant based nutrition, and enjoy herbal teas and zumba.