A short film installation reimagining Ugandan handmade objects and textile in a fictional post-climatic change world. Mikono meaning hands in Ugandan Bantu language establishes hand making as an essential part of technological development as well as indigenous making and thought processes. Taking everyday household objects like; akeibo (basket), enkyanzi (milk cup), olubugo (bark cloth) and prefiguring their functions into clothing and architecture.

The earth as a result of climate change is split into two spaces; the ecosphere and the exosphere. The ecosphere is green lush and all life forms live in a balanced existence while the exosphere is uninhabitable. The Mikono suit in effect, becomes a character absolutely essential for survival in the exosphere.


Isabella Asiimwe is a post-disciplinary designer whose practice spans architecture and fashion design, connecting the two through a focus on spatial and cultural considerations of the human body. Using textile to explore themes around contrast and tension, Isabella assembles responsive and constantly shifting configurations.