Lightning talk

Life has never Svelte Better – The era of compiler based JavaScript frameworks

Svelte is a compiler framework and your current framework isn’t. Why is that? In this introduction to Svelte, I will show you some of the benefits Svelte provides and how it can help to increase your team productivity and application performance.

I will cover the benefits of a compiler-based Javascript framework, such as Svelte. I will also look at the benefits we gain over a standard framework such as React. After attending this talk, you will be well placed to use Svelte in your next project to accelerate your application to the next level.


I am a passionate Web Developer who is driven by a desire to explore new technologies, whilst empowering and encouraging others to join the Tech space. I like meeting new people; it broadens my viewpoint on life and how others live and think. As a husband and father of four, my family drives me to always strive and push for the better.

I am skilled in many programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Django and a few more. Working in the Tech space as a developer for over 13 years I have worked for high profile London agencies such as Sapient Nitro and Syzygy.