Your difference is needed

As a black designer, black technologist, black non-techie/maker, black whoever you are.

Your voice is important. You are important.

Your difference is needed.

The world is shaped for us by others, which isn’t a bad thing to be honest.

However in recent times, it has become more evident of how the tech industry has been messing up with a number of things. A prominent example of this is algorithmic bias in regards to black people and skin disease diagnostics all the way to the criminal justice system.

This talk aims to be a light-heart conversation about using your unique difference in helping you as your number one tool in shaping the world, the speaker will be using examples from their work with the aim to hopefully be a spark and give you a new perspective on how you use your difference to make a difference.


Alex is the co-founder & head of making at Comuzi, a design and innovation studio, working at the intersection of emerging technology and humans. Some of Comuzi’s clients include Nike, ASOS, Uber, BBC, University of Arts London, Ustwo, Waltham Forest Council and the NHS.

Alex has been recognised internationally in recent times for his work investigating the ethical implications of AI, algorithmic bias in regards to race and gender and exploring the future technological interfaces that we as humans will interact with.

Alex holds a Masters degree in Innovation from Central St Martins.