26TH – 27TH JANUARY 2018

A two-day tech festival by and for black people of
African and Caribbean heritage. Offering talks, workshops,
installations and much more.


Afrotech Fest is a two-day tech and digital festival by and for black people of African and Caribbean heritage. The festival won’t replicate models for tech events, festivals and conferences that currently exist. It will instead explore where technology meets the arts, history, news, activism and representation. Afrotech Fest provides a space where people across a variety of backgrounds can imagine a future that’s free of the problems of the present.

The festival is a response to the underrepresentation of black people in the technology industry – especially those who are marginalised in additional ways – as well as tech conferences and festivals being too expensive for many to attend. We want to create a festival that is intentionally diverse and inclusive of those often excluded.


General programme

The two-day programme will cover talks, panel discussions, workshops and hackathons. These events will cover a host of themes including digital activism and campaigning, community, disability and tech, privacy and security, self-care/mental health in tech, education and public health.

Youth programme

Our youth track allows young black techies to travel in many lanes. It includes a tech fair, making stations, coding sessions and dozens of free kits from our supporters Makey Makey and Micro:bit.

Digital installations

The installations will be a collection of physical prototypes, photography, film and sound that aims to promote the visibility of black people in tech.

For more information about the festival download our information pack.


We’re excited about the exceptional work that can come from black people coming together, particularly those who are non-conforming and are often excluded. As a result, we are actively engaged in connecting black people from all walks of life, so that we can build a technological future that is for us.

We look forward to welcoming you, whatever your age, gender, class or ability. Whether you’ve never written a line of code or regularly contribute to a huge project, Afrotech Fest is for you.


It is our aim to keep the festival as affordable and accessible as possible. As such, all children will attend for free (up to the age of 18), and unwaged/low waged will be entitled to concession tickets. Tickets will go on sale in November.

For more information on who this festival is for read our FAQs.


We're casting the net far and wide to find some of the most interesting, diverse and forward-thinking people in our community. We are very keen to hear from techies, makers, digital artists, tech enthusiasts and community workers whose aims resonate with ours. If you have an idea for a workshop or a talk, a suggestion about who or what else should be included, or even a topic that you feel should be addressed, then get in touch using the form below.


Submissions are open to any one in or interested in tech regardless of background or area of expertise. As a guide, we've included some suggested themes:

  • Digital activism and campaigning
  • Community
  • Disability and tech
  • Data privacy and security
  • Self-care/mental health in tech
  • Education
  • Public health
  • Open source
  • AI and machine learning

We plan on using the following to select proposals:

  • We would love to receive original and creative talks or workshops that touch on some of our festival themes.
  • We are particularly interested in receiving submissions from first-time speakers or workshoppers.
  • Workshops and talks will be considered separately. So you can submit a proposal for either or both.

 If you'd like to submit a talk, fill out our talk proposal form. 

 If you'd like to submit a workshop, fill out our workshop proposal form. 

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, 30th of November, 2017.

All festival attendees and participants (speakers, workshop facilitators and volunteers) are encouraged to read our code of conduct and accessibility information.

Contact form


Rich Mix is an independent arts venue in the heart of the East London. It was established in 2004 and has gone on to become one of the largest and most relevant arts venues in the capital. Rich Mix is spread over five floors, is fully accessible, contains three cinemas, flexible performance spaces and plenty of room for a big ideas festival like ours.


We would love you to get involved if you are interested in inspiring young people to develop an interest in making things and problem-solving, or in helping create a space to address issues of access in tech industries for black peoples of all ages and abilities in the UK. Supporting our work is a great way to show your commitment to marginalised communities, and for you to access a wealth of talent.

For more information about sponsorship, download our sponsorship pack.

Afrotech Fest wouldn’t be possible without the sponsorship and support of these organisations and companies:





We’re a team of activists, artists, techies and community leaders who are focused on black communities in the UK. Afrotech Fest seeks to bring together these strands, specifically serving black people and creating conversations and connections beyond ‘networking’ or bending to fit into the current industries and climate.


We would love to hear from interested sponsors, possible speakers, or workshop facilitators or anyone interested in knowing more about the event.

General enquiries can be sent to info@afrotechfest.co.uk

Questions about our Youth Programme can be sent to xana@afrotechfest.co.uk

Press enquiries? Contact ama@afrotechfest.co.uk