Lukewarm Takes: Qualia in Tweets, Ephemera and Artificial Consciousness

Lukewarm Takes is an autoethnographic investigation into personal archives and what it means to look back at your own takes. Using over 30,000 tweets as a starting point, I chart the meandering thought-process of trying to patch together tweets, threads and memes into a coherent representation of cognitive paths. I ask, “What does it look like when you change your mind online?” to produce a cartography of takes, peaks represented by virality and troughs where the worst of takes are laid to rest. I make the case that all takes are lukewarm, depending on when and why we engage with them. I argue too that the qualia of a take, its epiphonemal quality, often offers more useful meaning than the take itself. This exhibition is an attempt to play with ideas of artificial consciousness via explorations of ephemera, qualia and digitally-mediated hauntology.


I am interested in how memory, orality, and ephemera work, online and offline. My writing and work think with archives, aesthetics, futurity and fugitivity via investigations into emerging technologies, privacy and artificial intelligence ethics.