A step-by-step guide to creating your first webpage

This workshop is an introduction to coding for the web. I will be introducing you to the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is suitable for anyone interested in learning how to make websites.

By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • gained knowledge of HTML and CSS syntax
  • made a personal contact card web page
  • received resources to keep learning.

I will also share my journey into tech and provide insights into how you can build your career in tech with the community. This is to inspire you to make the same journey.

Workshop info

Please bring your laptops to take part in this workshop.

Workshops are attended on a first come, first served basis till capacity is reached.

Capacity: 12


Fatimat is a graduating member of the Founders and Coders bootcamp. She is currently working as a developer at 27partners. Having had the opportunity to learn to code for free, she is keen on giving back to the tech community. She combines her passion for teaching with her web development career by running workshops and mentoring people in the early stages of their coding journey.