What the fudge cake is GraphQL

GraphQL might seem confusing especially to beginners, but hopefully with this talk I aim to provide enlightenment to what the query language for APIs created by Facebook actually is. To what extent does it differs from RESTful APIs, in terms of the making requests for data and how you structure your API. I will hopefully touch on the benefits of a GraphQL Api from a business/product prospective.

My talk will be accessible to complete beginners and others who might have experience with building RESTful APIs but are interested in GraphQL.

I aim to provide a picture of how GraphQL will change the landscape of backend development and how servers provide data to front end applications.


My start into coding began as a hobby. After a year of trying to teach myself to code, I completed an immersive web development course at General assembly. Now I work for Conde Nast, building websites for Vogue and GQ. I still can’t believe how fortunate I am.