After I was Dug Up

Using new technologies we were able to dig up unarchived bodies. In order to preserve and archive them for the future, their memories are stored in a virtual world created for them. Here they create an avatar and can live a life in a place that centres theirs existence. This virtual space is only non-toxic to those preserved in it. You are stepping into their space.


Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley is an artist working predominantly in animation and sound, combining the two in a way to communicate their experience and survival as a Black Trans person. Danielle’s work uses sound emphatically to further communicate intense expression as they digitally construct a world that centers Black Trans experience in both design and content. Storing and wanting to restore Black Trans existence they explore the desire to want to meet buried bodies like theirs, dreaming at of a Trans archive where Black Trans people could share their buried experiences.

Danielle has presented their video work at Tate, Barbican, Brighton Festival as well as more reciently having had a joint show at Mimosa House with Travis Alabanza. They have also been invited to talk for a variety of events such as the The Photographers gallery (How to work a look) and RA School.