The importance of creating a Black tech community in Europe

Technology is shaping the lives of Europeans all over the continent. It has become a central topic discussed from low to high-level institutions. However, it remains an area where minorities are still underrepresented.

At high-level discussions we rarely see representatives of ethnic minorities talking on behalf of coloured tech professionals. Would the creation of an institution/organization representing the interests of tech black professionals and entrepreneurs help to address some topic related to them (inclusion, professional evolution, Africa development)? What would be the scope of action of such institution? Would it allow a better inclusion for the younger ones? Would it be seen as a threat? Let’s discuss the impact of such kind of institution.


Experienced digital and content marketer with international experience, Cynthia has provided digital marketing solutions to brands, organisations and personalities in Belgium, France, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and DR. Congo.

Cynthia strongly believes in youth potential and technology for development. Therefore, she founded African Gist, a Belgian-based organisation bringing together African young talents and tech entrepreneurs for professional and business development through the use of digital tools.