The workshop serves two purposes - to showcase the intersection between creativity, arts and tech and that the notion that you cannot be both creative and technical is a myth. I also wanted to inspire and show that once you acquired the basic coding skills you are not limited to what you can do - you can make music, create beautiful art, build intricate software and so on.

Workshop info

Please bring your laptops to take part in this workshop.

Workshops are attended on a first come, first served basis till capacity is reached.

Capacity: 15


Buki Thompson is a Software Engineer and Product Specialist II by day and a Fine Artist by night. Her passion for tech led her to quit her job in sales, learn how to code and pursuing a role as a Developer.

To inspire more people of colour, especially women to explore the tech industry, she founded a masterclass called #CodeXhiphop. The idea of the masterclass was all about demystifying the stereotype that coding is not meant for creatives and that technology can only be fuelled through innovative solutions.